To find the equation of the bisectors


8 thoughts on “To find the equation of the bisectors

  1. Let me stress one very important thing I found in both Sc1(2) and Sc1(4): many students are not paying attention to the new concepts or during the Maths lessons! They are doing many different things from English to BM to other subjects! Even they do pay attention but their souls are not with them!!! This is terrible!!! Some of them just talk “rocks” from the beginning until the lesson finished! They didn’t ask very constructive questions during the period.

    Secondly, students are not working hard enough to solve the problems. I mean they spend very little in trying to solve any problem. Most are hoping for copying solutions or waiting tutors to help. Do you think you can work for the rest of your life?

    I want everyone to solve at least 40-50% of the questions in any exercises! Not all but 40-50% only!!! Do you know how many percentage you have solved for yourself?

    We are supposed to finish until Chapter 9 before the 7-Mar term exam! We are far too behind the schedule. Do you want to study more than 5 chapters of the book in 2009? And then another 5 or more chapters for SC2 in 2010?…? Think carefully…!!!

    One way to catch up is to do as many questions in the book as possible EVERYDAY (do it yourself)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Besides the situation during the Maths lesson, one very important factor —> understanding the question–what are they asking for??? Convert the English meaning to Mathematics!!! This is only possible if you do more and more questions DIY!!!

    All test questions are from the book but 90% of you still can’t solve! Go back and read again and again… 10 times,… 100 times…1000times…!!!!

    Success is only can be achieved thru’ hardworks! No shortcut!

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